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I have a simple philosophy regarding legal advice and services.  Whether it is in connection with the purchase or sale of a house or the creation or modification of an effective estate plan, I provide high quality, responsive, friendly, and professional service.  All of my prior experience has taught me the value of attentive, thoughtful, and compassionate representation. 

Trusts and Estates

My estate planning clients are single, married, partnered.  They represent both earned and inherited wealth.  Estate plans range from the very simple:  a Will, living Will and Health Care Proxy, and power of attorney, to the more complex:  revocable trusts, insurance trusts, qualified personal residence trusts ("QPRTS"), GRATS, and other trusts.  I assist with design and implementation of vehicles to fulfull charitable wishes, whether it be creation of foundations, split-interest trusts, or crafting major gifts to charity. 

I represent fiduciaries, whether individual or corporate, in connection with the fulfillment of their duties as executor or trustee.  If you are named executor in a Will or trustee of a trust, you need expert legal representation to ensure that you carry out your important duties appropriately.  I also represent estate and trust beneficiaries to ensure that their interests are properly protected and served.  With over twenty-two years of experience at a New York law firm and a major, national trust company, I am very familiar with the needs of both fiduciaries and beneficiaries and the best ways in which to ensure that the often competing interests involved in an estate or trust matter can be satisfied.

Not everyone dies with a Will.  I represent estates that are "intestate" or where the decedent has died without a Will.  Such administrations can pose special challenges, but they can be completed with the same speed and effectiveness as other testamentary matters.

Real Estate

I represent individuals in connection with purchases and sales of residential real estate, houses, condominiums, and cooperative apartments, of widely varying values.  A successful closing doesn't happen by itself; it requires attention to and resolution of a myriad of details prior to the closing date.  Attention to detail in all aspects of my practice is a feature that you will find sets me apart from other practictioners.
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